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  • urlstarberth.
  • real life name: Kendra.
  • nickname: Kendragon, Kendracula, etc.
  • birthday: July something.
  • gender: Female trending towards whatever.
  • sexuality: Asexual.
  • height: Tall enough to be dangerous, short enough to be accessible.
  • time zone: Mountain.
  • local time & date: Dark as my soul, late as your apology, date negotiable.
  • average hours of sleep a night: This week I have slept 10, 8, 6, 14, 0, and 4 hours a night.
  • last thing googled: "sheep in my bathtub."
  • most used phrases: "see you later," "what’s that," "why is this window closed?" and "those dishes aren’t mine."
  • what I last said to family member: "Maybe."
  • one place that makes me happy & why: There’s this notch in the trail I run in the evenings where you leave the concrete path and climb a steep hill next to a water treatment plant, cross through a gap in a net-and-chain-link fence, and emerge on another path.  The rest of the path runs between two rows of tall houses crammed in really close together, with everyone out on their decks watching the trail during the evenings, but for about ten seconds at that notch nobody can see me and I can look down over a playing field at the rooftops.  On clear nights I can see all the way to downtown Denver, and the clouds coming down off of the mountains.  It’s lovely.
  • how many blankets I sleep under: Here?  Three.  This is not normal.
  • favorite beverage: In Spring and Fall, a chocolate chai latte with a shot or two shots of espresso.  One summer I was addicted to Starbucks’ blueberry frapp, but they only made them that one year, so my usual summer beverage is earl grey, no sugar.  In winter I drink a hella lot of Angry Orchard and Woodchuck.
  • last movie I watched in cinemas: The Giver.  Digging the subliminal repressed romance between Meryl Streep and Jeff Bridges.
  • three things I can’t live without: Solitude, a pencil sharpener, a job.
  • something I plan on learning: How to outlive depression.  Also the art of timely responses to emails and cards.
  • a piece of advice to my followers: The secret menu at In-N-Out is very important.  Never underestimate the power of physical force and an impressive vocabulary.  Carry mace.  Take no shit and leave no tracks.  Loan freely but never ask for your money or your books back.
  • you all have to listen to this song: Hm.  If I haven’t forced you already, Here and HeavenMaybe?
  • tagging: Ten people, yikes.  I feel like such a loser when I do this, even though I love being tagged myself.  Such a nerd.  Forgive me, andotherstoriesblossomingbunnychoicewordseverythingyouweretooafraidtoaskfivefourteenhbwhimsyiclimbedamountaintofindpeacelakesidegirlnamesthingsafterflowerstrickstergodtiss.